Our Team of Cancer Experts are Here to Help You

Massive Bio is for Cancer Patients

  • Dealing with late stage or a rare form of cancer
  • Not responding to standard treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy
  • With limited access to large cancer centers and advanced treatments
  • Needing to transform their tumor profiling into an actionable cancer treatment plan
  • Looking for an extended team
    of cancer experts to work with your treating oncologist to expand and better target treatment options
  • Concerned about spending
    too much money and time looking for the best testing and treatment options for your cancer

Massive Bio's world-class multidisciplinary cancer team consists of oncologists, molecular diagnostic scientists, reimbursement experts and data scientists — all working together for your benefit.


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What Is Your Tumor Type?

Our cancer expert review include both common and rare tumors for adults.
  • Lung (non-small cell; small cell)
  • Gastrointestinal (colorectal; rectal; gastric; esophageal; GI neuroendocrine; small intestine malignancy; pancreatic; biliary; hepatocellular)
  • Genitourinary (adrenal; adrenocortical carcinoma; bladder; kidney; penile; prostate; renal cell; testicular; urethral)
  • Gynecologic (ovarian; cervical; uterine; primary peritoneal)
  • Glioblastoma
  • Melanoma
  • Sarcoma
  • Breast
  • Thyroid

For pediatric cases we cover both solid and hematological tumors.

Let us answer your questions about cancer treatment options

  • My doctor told me there are no more ‘standard’ treatment options for my cancer care. Can Massive Bio help me find other cancer treatments? Yes, our multidisciplinary team of experts from the most well known academic cancer centers specialize in determining precision oncology treatment plans. They stand ready to give you the best personalized strategy to fight your cancer, even if ‘standard’ treatment options are no longer viable.
  • My cancer is still responding to ‘standard’ treatment. Do I need to have tumor profiling? Yes, molecular profiling reveals the tumor's genetic makeup, providing valuable information about its behavior and known weaknesses. Massive Bio then identifies the best drugs to target those weaknesses. But, not all tumor profiling tests are the same. Different vendors can vary greatly in their approach and reporting. Massive Bio keeps these vendors in check, and helps you and your treating oncologist decide which one is best for you.
  • I already have a tumor profiling report. Can Massive Bio still help me? Yes, our world-class experts, oncologist and molecular specialist, will review your report and provide insights on the most appropriate action based on your cancer type, its genetic makeup and your past treatments.
  • Am I getting the most effective cancer treatment, with the least amount of side effects? With Massive Bio's expert top oncologist on your case, you will be. We work with your treating oncologist to select the most effective cancer treatment plan tailored to your tumor profile and clinical history. And, we do so leveraging our data-rich knowledge base of drug-related clinical benefits, treatment efficacy, side effects and toxicities.
  • I heard about ‘immunotherapy’ but have no idea how to proceed. Can Massive Bio help? Yes, our PATHfinder immunotherapy plan allows you to access the most comprehensive database of available treatments aimed to harness your body’s defenses to fight cancer. From FDA-approved therapies to the latest clinical trials, we identify and prioritize the best available treatment to improve patient outcome.
  • How did patients with a similar tumor profile as mine respond to these personalized cancer treatment plans? Through Massive Bio's secure web interface, your doctor will review how de-identified patients with similar tumor profiles responded to various personalized treatments.
  • Are clinical trials an option for me? A clinical trial is always an appropriate treatment option, particularly if standard therapies are not working. Many promising new drugs have been developed over the last decade, but it will take years until they can be prescribed in clinics. We match your genetic and clinical profile to the most promising clinical trials available to fight your cancer today.
  • Are there better cancer treatments that my insurer will not pay for? Most likely, yes. Insurers do not pay for treatments that have not succeeded in large clinical trials. Using our data-rich knowledge base and precision oncology experts, we work closely with insurers to explain the tumor profiles and clinical evidence behind each treatment, increasing the chances of reimbursement. We leverage treatment response data and insight into insurance company processes to empower patients faced with tough financial decisions.
  • Did my doctor give me the correct diagnosis? In most cases, yes. But, since it’s critical you receive the right diagnosis and treatment plan for your specific cancer, we review your progress notes and test results to make sure everything is in order. If a tumor profile report is available, our experts will use that information to confirm diagnosis — because we can typically match a specific molecular profile to the cancer type.
  • How can I reimburse your services? You may be able to reimburse yourself in a tax-advantaged way for the costs of Massive Bio’s services or your co-pay if your oncologist orders Massive Bio’s services and documents that request, and you have either a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or a Health Savings Account (HSA), regardless of whether the services are reimbursable under your health insurance coverage.

How does Massive Bio’s Virtual Tumor Board (VTB) Work?

Cancer treatment second opinion application demo
Cancer Treatment Plan - details shared by a patient to tumor profiling test; VTB experts recommendation to final report discussion with treating oncologist
Cancer Treatment Plan - details shared by a patient to tumor profiling test; VTB experts recommendation to final report discussion with treating oncologist
  • Massive Bio finds the best tumor profiling test, one that is both actionable and affordable, for determining the genetic makeup and precision treatment of your cancer.
  • We provide you and your treating oncologist with genetically personalized,
    world-class treatment plans, that are prioritized from FDA-approved therapies to the latest clinical trials.
  • We gather all pertinent clinical evidence
    to support insurance company approval for targeted therapies that would otherwise not be available (‘off-label’).
  • We optimize patient outcomes by reviewing the treatment benefits
    of cancer cases that have similar clinical and genetic profiles.
  • Most importantly, we place the focus on your specific needs
    to determine the best way to fight your cancer.
  • Massive Bio has a world-class, multidisciplinary team
    of experts from the most well known academic cancer centers, including: disease-specific specialty oncologists, molecular biologists, computer scientists and reimbursement experts — all focused on your specific case.
  • We provide you and your treating oncologist with the latest diagnostics and treatment options, including the best clinical trials.
  • We become an extended team of experts for your treating oncologist,
    integrating our recommendations into the cancer treatment plan at your care center. There is no need to travel or overspend valuable time and money to get better results.
  • We provide both clinical and financial data in our recommendations
    to empower you to make the best decisions for your cancer care.
  • We reduce the administrative burden of your treating oncologist
    so meaningful time is focused on your care — not red tape.
  • We can help RIGHT NOW,
    no matter where you live or how complex your cancer. Massive Bio will deliver the best cancer treatment plan for you.

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